Why NA beer?

I started beer without a buzz because I love great beer but I don't love alcohol. And I figured I wasn't alone. 

Turns out I was right! There is an entire world of Low ABV, Alcohol-Free, and Non-Alcoholic beer brewers and drinkers all over the world still flying under the radar for the most part.

But that is starting to change.

Let's face it, there hasn't always been great non alcoholic beer options for people who, for a variety a reasons, want to grab a drink but skip the booze.

The current state of the non alcoholic beer market

Most people think of a sad guy sipping a green bottle because he has to not because he wants to.


The truth is the low alcohol / non alcoholic market has been small, quiet, and stigmatized for the last several decades. According to market research firm IRI, NA beer makes up just .37% of total beer sales in the United States.  

Personally, my eyes were only opened to this growing community after deciding to cut back my drinking and finding myself missing craft beer at my favorite breweries, bars, and backyards.

This was when I realized the problem. I'm a moderately connected, social beer drinker who wanted to drink a bit less (a good description of the average American millennial ) and my exposure to the non alcoholic beer industry was limited to cheap alternatives you wouldn't be proud to order and only sort of tasted like beer.

The future of alcohol free beer is now

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the world of low to no alcohol craft beer not only existed, but is full of amazing brands, devoted consumers, and is aggressively on the rise.

In fact, AB InBev, the major corporation that owns Budweiser, Corona, and Stella, as well as dozens of craft breweries including Breckenridge Brewery and Elysian Brewing Company, has pledged to make alcohol free and low alcohol beer 20% of their portfolio by 2025.

Most of the NA Beer market is still outside the US, but things are picking up stateside quickly. To name a few trailblazing brands off the top of my head (in no particular order) Two Roots, Surreal, Wellbeing, Athletic, BREWDOG, Bravus, Partake. The list goes on and continues to grow.

Not to mention the booming non-alcoholic spirit, seltzer, and wine industry.

So, why NA beer? Because I believe that we are on the cusp of a non alcoholic beer revolution and I want to do my part.


Consumers are demanding healthy alternatives. Brands are becoming aware and providing more inclusive options. Sobriety is losing its negative stigma (and Sober Curious has become a thing). Brewers are making NA Beer that tastes just as good as its alcoholic counterparts and winning awards for it. People care about this. I care about this.

The greater "why"

I share the larger vision that many people in the NA Beer industry hold, a world where non alcoholic beer (and other beverages) are widely available, acceptable, and admirable.

In a conversation with Good Beer Hunting John Walker of Athletic Brewing said it best, “Someone asked me what success looked like in this company and for me, I think I had a moment of clarity,” Walker says. “When my son turns 18 or 21, if he can go to a bar and order a non-alcoholic beer and not get heckled because it’s a new culture norm, there’s no shame—then that’s success. I would like to think that we’re on that path.”

That's why we cover NA beer, review NA beer, and promote the beautiful culture and community around NA beer.

Thanks for joining us!