Why is Heineken 0.0% sponsoring F1? A conversation with Chris Becker from Better Rhodes

Chris Becker Better Rhodes

Chris Becker is the Founder of Better Rhodes, which is a one-stop shop for all things non-alcoholic beverages. Chris is a passionate and really smart business leader and we got into some pretty interesting conversations.

Tune in to hear Chris share about how and why he started Better Rhodes, a bit behind the name (and why Rhodes is spelled the way that it is), the psychology behind some of the marketing and advertising in the NA beer market, and the implications of rethinking the role that alcohol has in our culture.

Thanks to for making this episode happen. Go check out their massive NA selection and use promo code: BWAB for 10% off.

Reasons you'll love this episode:

  1. If you have ever thought to yourself, "I wish I could just try a bunch of these NA drinks without committing to a large purchase" you may have just discovered your favorite new online store 💻❤️

  2. If you are passionate about making not drinking not suck 😜

  3. If you are a trailblazer or trend setter. Chris talks about the newest innovations in the beverage biz. Like wine packaging that fits in your purse and cocktails that look like Capri Suns.🍻

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