Why I Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer

I posted a video on the YouTube Channel last week that told a very short version of my story behind why I drink NA beer and why I started BWAB. I wanted to share that here as well as some additional thoughts!

The progression of non-alcoholic beer

As I've been thinking about this over the last few days, I realized that NA beer has come such a long way -- both in terms of taste and availability, but more importantly (IMO) in terms of public acceptance and social consequence.

The last 20-30 years

Non-alcoholic beer was anything but "cool". It was available as a necessity for large breweries to be seen as "responsible" or it was serving a very niche market of people who were probably thankful for anything to drink at all (who cares if it is not very good or very cool to drink).

The last 2-3 years

Non-alcoholic beer is starting to get it's 15min of fame! Being healthy and active is cool, so it is at least understandable why someone would drink an NA beer. People still ask "oh you don't drink alcohol?" but it is a much easier conversation to have and there are so many more options available to bring to a party and get people to try.

Finally there is NA beer you can be proud of (and it can fool some of your beer-drinking friends)

The next 5+ years

It is fairly apparent now that the next wave of NA beer is going to be pretty epic. Mark my words: it won't only be "acceptable" to drink NA beer but actually seen as admirable. I see a future where non-drinking becomes the trend.

Do I think people will stop drinking outright? Definitely not. Alcohol has a strong grip on us as a society. But I do think it will totally normal and I'm sad to say my NA drinker friends, that we may not be that special anymore.

I'm here for it!


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