What is Dry January? 31 NA Beers in 31 Days

Dry January

2021 was a big year for the Beer Without a Buzz podcast. It is a very niche market, yes -- and I don't expect it to become the next Stuff You Should Know (great pod btw). But we have been able see thousands of downloads, some amazing guests, a few new friends in the industry, and the beginning of a slice of community around our love for nonalcoholic beer.

Isn't it amazing that something as small as a can of beer can bring people together in a powerful way? 🥲

Because of the many many people starting to talk about NA beer (including us) and the many many beer producers making delicious drinks more accessible I think Dry January 2022 may be the biggest yet.

What is Dry January?

Dry January is the single easiest entry point for the sober curious. It's the most socially acceptable time of year to give drinking a break. Just make the commitment for 31 days, try some NA beer, wine, or spirit if it fancies you and see how you feel. Worst case scenario? You save a few calories and sleep a bit better. Best case? You may discover something you love, or better yet something about yourself that you love and who knows... it could be a large or very small step towards a happier, healthier life.

Or not. And maybe you'll find out NA drinks are not for you. That's okay too.

What I'm up to this Dry January

For me, I'm going big this year. Trying to have a different NA beer every single day for all 31 days and do a little review about it. I'll post the videos to the review over on Instagram and probably even YouTube -- and the podcast will continue trucking along as well.

The plan:

Here are a handful of beers that are definitely on my list (in no particular order):

  • Surreal Creatives IPA

  • Atmos Fresh Hop IPA

  • Atmos Hop Seltzer (yes, hop waters count...)

  • HopLark Hop Water (see?)

  • Heineken 0.0%

  • Lagunitas IPNA

  • Something new from BrewDog

  • Sober Carpenter Uber Hoppy

  • Rightside Brewing IPA

  • Big Drop Pine Trail Pale

  • Several somethings from Athletic

  • and Bravus

  • and Gruvi

I've had most of these, and like them. Some I haven't yet tried but have a hunch I will enjoy. But I also plan on drinking some beers that I just know I won't love:

  • Basically anything dark

Believe me I've tried...

The reviews:

Beer reviews can be helpful -- I've definitely been standing in the liquor store googling different breweries hoping to read a quick take from a random stranger on if I will like this can of beer or not. And I've done a handful of reviews on this site before that hopefully have been helpful in some way. But in general I think beer reviews are boring. So I'm not going to pretend to know what I'm talking about when I don't, I hope to God I won't use the term "the nose", and I'm not going to be anything other than me: a non-expert.

I probably like beer a normal amount. Obviously enough to spend some time researching and interviewing brewers, but often times a beer is just a beer to me. I am not one to blind taste test an IPA and tell you where the hops were grown.

So my favorite aspects of my beer reviews are what I call the coolness factor. Basically: how cool do you feel when you drink it. What does the bottle/can look like, what vibe does it give off, does the taste make me feel or think a certain way, etc.

[Check out my review of AL's -- the very first review of AL's on the internet I do believe]

See you there?

So if that sounds interesting to you I hope you check it out. Leave me a note about a certain beer I should try or why you think my opinion on something is wrong.

Happy Dry January and cheers to 2022!

Thanks for reading! Links to more awesome stuff right down there 👇