Celebrities Invested Millions Into NA Beer Company Athletic Brewing

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Athletic Brewing is a heavy-hitter in the NA beer scene (that is obvious to most of you reading this) but they are about to make a much bigger splash.

NA Beer 101

Out of the loop? Here is 49 words on Athletic Brewing and why you should care about them becoming a billion dollar business.

Athletic Brewing is sort of the go-to craft non-alcoholic in America. Their Run Wild IPA wins a bunch of awards, they consistently sell out of every new beer they release because of their mob-like fanbase, and they make one of my favorite beers (NA or otherwise) of all time.

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Where to find it?

You can buy beer on their website (what is better than beer shipped to your door?) and if anyone knows where you can buy shares of the company, please let me know...

With Dry January in full swing, Athletic is doubling down on the increased traffic and attention they are getting right now by announcing some high profile investors. Web traffic alone is up 95% compared to December according to Athletic co-founder Bill Shufelt.

So are you looking for few names to drop who are in to NA beer to justify to your friends that it is a real thing? If the fact that NA beer market grew to around $187 million (a 39% increase) last year according to IRI market research isn't enough, just show them this list of famous people. Famous people are always the best social proof.

NA Beer Investors

Here is a short list of confirmed investors in ABC.

J.J. Watt - NFL player

NA beer investor

Justin Tuck - NFL player

NA beer investor

David Chang - Chef and guy you have definitely seen on Netflix

NA beer investor

Lance Armstrong - Controversial cycling legend

NA beer investor

Blake Mycoskie - Founder of Tom's Shoes

NA beer investor

More about the NA beer giant Athletic Brewing Company

Athletic Brewing Company makes high-quality craft non-alcoholic beer in CT and CA in the US. They did $15 million in revenue in 2020 and are poised to triple that in 2021.

NA beer investment

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