Review: Why I’m Bringing Athletic Brewing’s Non-alcoholic IPA To Thanksgiving

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

non alcoholic beer review

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Thanksgiving is upon us. Everyone’s favorite time to eat too much and (for some) drink too much.

But maybe you are like me and looking for some good non-alcoholic beers to take home for Thanksgiving this year. If so, read the Top 5 NA beers to bring home for the holidays.

However, this year, what I’m taking to dinner is a fresh IPA from one of America’s favorite NA beer brewery.

Athletic Brewing: Reeds Red IPA Non-alcoholic beer

This beer is part of Athletic's "Pilot Beer" program. As explained by Bill Shufelt, Founder of Athletic Brewing Co., some pilot program beers are available as a limited release exclusively at their taproom in CT. Others are occasionally available online nationwide. The best way to know when these limited release non alcoholic beers are available is to sign up for their newsletter.

Refreshing, crisp, and very hop-forward. Drinkable in December or July

Non-alcoholic Beer Review:

While there isn't much info about this Reeds Red IPA Pilot Program beer, we do know that Athletic has sold this as part of their Thanksgiving Pack in the past -- so that feels affirming.

This is a NA Red IPA and tastes like (you guessed it) a Red IPA. Like many of Athletic's beers, it tastes like a quality craft beer that just so happens to have no alcohol. I've seen in compared to beers like Hopslam and it reminds me of a high-end IPA that would make all your hipster friends proud. A balanced, bitter, and beautiful red brew.

non alcoholic beer can

Name: Reeds Red IPA

Release date: ??

Style: Non-alcoholic Red IPA

Cals/Carbs: ??

Avg. price (US): $12.99 per 6-pack

Overview: This is a solid IPA. It is crisp, refreshing, and is a hoppy, juicy, grapefruit-y treat. With satisfying bitterness, it would be tough to drink too many of these in a row, but I wouldn't want to. This beer deserves to be savored over time - ice cold.

Look: Hazy golden-red ale with a solid golden head.

Aroma: Prominent grapefruit and slightly piney. Smells very much like beer - reminds me of a taproom.

Taste: Hop-forward, bitter, and not too sweet. It is citrusy, smooth, and has a metallic (but pleasant) classically-IPA aftertaste.

Feel: This has what I can only describe as a "heavier" mouthfeel. It isn't overly carbonated, but still lively. Easy to drink and pairs nicely with food.

Coolness factor (aka marketability): Show your friends you have a "Pilot Program" beer from one of the hottest breweries in the US right now and yeah, you'll look pretty cool. The can has almost no distinguishable features -- the same cans used for all their pilot program beers -- except for a couple colors.

I hate to be that guy but it looks like your chances of grabbing a pack of these from Athletic Brewing in time for Thanksgiving this year isn't looking good. Unless you can plan a last-minute (socially distanced) road trip to CT in hopes that they'll send some out to your car.

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