Non-alcoholic Beer Review: Untitled Art's Florida Weisse

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Wow, the hype is fully justified.
NA beer review

My Take on Untitled Art's Florida Weisse

Ok. I finally got to try the Florida Weisse from Untitled Art!! Wow, the hype is fully justified. The first thing I noticed on the pour was the color. It is PANK, not pink :).

NA beer review

It has a nice thick head but it fades quickly. The aroma is very much passion fruit, but not overly sweet. The first sip reveals a nice thick mouth feel, something I've been missing in a lot of great beers. The taste... Amazing. It is brilliantly tart. The passion fruit comes through strongly with an incredibly clean finish. There is no lingering aftertaste at all. It is a dry finish too. This is so well balanced with the sweet and sour.

This is the NA sour I have been looking for! By far the best NA sour I have ever had the privilege to drink.


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