NA Beer Review: Ethos Alturas NA Golden

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

ethos NA beer review

2020 was a doozie. Some of the bright spots are definitely found in the non-alcoholic beer community. People got a little healthier, beer drinkers found new favorite brews, and new NA brands made their debut.

Ethos Brewing -- Part of the Sawtooth Brewery brand in Hailey, Idaho -- made the jump into the NA beer world this year and it was met with wide open arms.

Very Impressed. Not too hoppy, not a flat malt. Great clean drinking beer. I will need more than the 6-pack I ordered

- Facebook review

Ethos Brewing: Alturas NA Golden

Launching in December of 2020, the Ethos website describes the Golden as light, refreshing with a touch of honey malt sweetness lingering on a full-bodied yet mellow NA Golden Ale.

Grains: Idaho Malted 2-Row Barley, Dextrapils, Canadian Honey Malt, Red Wheat Malt Hops: Cascade Water: Free Range Big Wood River Water Yeast: House Ale Yeast

ABV: <0.5% ABV

IBU: 20

Non-alcoholic Beer Review

I'll just say it... the NA craft beer scene is hop-obsessed. Don't get me wrong, I love a good IPA as much as the next guy but I found it extremely refreshing to find this top-tier Golden Ale.

When I cracked open the 16oz(!) can the aroma instantly took me to a Colorado ski lodge. Personal nostalgia? Maybe. But part of me also thinks this is intentional. There is just something about craft beer and skiing, and Ethos is located right next to Sun Valley ski resort. This beer tastes like winter sunshine. Crisp, refreshing, ice-cold yet warm.

NA beer review Ethos golden ale

Name: Alturas NA Golden

Release date: 12/2020

Style: Non-alcoholic Golden Ale

Cals/Carbs: ??

Avg. price (US): $16.99 per 6-pack (16oz cans)

Overview: This could quickly become my go-to non IPA. It is distinctly flavorful but not sweet and that is my jam. I drank this beer while working out -- that is how refreshing it is. I also can't wait to pair it with a burger.

Look: Translucent, golden, classic ale.

Aroma: Clean, mildly sweet, and well balanced between "fresh" and "malt".

Taste: This tastes like an independent craft equivalent of whatever your go-to easy drinker is. Equal parts hoppy and malty. Not overly sweet like some Golden Ales can me. Refreshing and thirst quenching yet still full of flavor (more so than most macros) that is easy to drink and goes down smooth.

Feel: Light, smooth, sessionable.

Coolness factor (aka marketability): Pretty dang cool if you ask me. I am a fan of the packaging and the brand. The 16oz cans are a nice touch - and and if you are drinking one right now then you are very on top of things when it comes to the NA scene. Must mean you read 😎

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