Noteworthy NA Beer Releases In December Met By Mixed Reviews

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

NA beer releases

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Looking for the latest and greatest non-alcoholic beers to hit the market? December -- as mentioned before -- is prime time.

Consumers spending money on holiday indulgences - ✅

Breweries preparing to ride the wave of Dry January - ✅

Beer brands finally catching on that NA beer is here to stay - ✅

So we find ourselves in the midst of some exciting beer releases, but not everyone is thrilled with the showing.

Here's what came out recently that you may want to check out.

The Latest Non-alcoholic Beer Releases

Here's the inconclusive list of NA beers that had the NA community buzzing over the last month or so:

Bravus Gravitas II Non-Alcoholic Barrel-Aged Bourbon Stout

Lagunitas IPNA

Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects IPA

Rightside Brewing IPA and Citrus Wheat

Ethos Brewing Co. Alturas Golden, Wayfarer IPA, and Kora Double Hop IPA

Athletic Brewing - Chocolate Cherry Stout

AL's AL's Classic

Honorable mentions:

(not a beer release, but still something NA beer fans are scrambling to get hold of)

Athletic Brewing Dry January Survival Kit 📆 👍

Hairless Dog apparel 🎁 😎

How Did The NA Beer World Respond? A Mixed Bag

Bravus Gravitas II

We will be revisiting this limited-release beer soon with an in-depth profile but the early general consensus here is definitely positive. One NA beer reviewer even went so far as to say:

"This is one of, if the the best Non-alcoholic beers I have ever had"

Most of the other Bravus feedback so far comes down to the following sentiments:

non alcoholic beer review

non alcoholic beer review

Lagunitas IPNA

This one came as a bit of a surprise. For one of the most hyped NA releases in a while -- not to mention the top notch marketing efforts -- it seems to have let down some people.

Don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of raving fans and people checking their local shelves daily for the stuff, but seeing any negativity about this iconic brand's first real step into the NA beer world was not expected. But with Dry January quickly approaching, something tells me Lagunitas knows what they are doing.

non alcoholic beer review

non alcoholic beer review

Brooklyn Brewery Special Effects IPA

With a surprise release right before the end of the year, Brooklyn follows up its success from their original NA beer Special Effects with a non-alcoholic IPA. This is so brand new, we have yet to try it. That will change soon 🍻

NA beer

Rightside Brewing IPA and Citrus Wheat

Rightside Brewing just launched - and while we haven't been able to get our hands on any yet, we can't wait 👀 🎁

NA beer

Citrus Wheat is launching in December and the IPA is launching in January 2021.

Ethos Brewing Co. Alturas Golden, Wayfarer IPA, and Kora Double Hop IPA

Ethos Brewing is another brand-new brewery, part of the Sawtooth Brewery brand in Hailey, ID.

I love this beer, and my wife who drinks described it as "delightful". It very much gives me what I remember as classic west coast IPA vibes (disclaimer, I'm coming up on 8 years since my last leaded beer so the memories are fading a bit). It's got everything you'd want: tons of hops, great aromatics, and a healthy 65 ibus giving it a good bite. It pours clear with a very light head that goes away pretty quickly, but is balanced with a great malt backbone that really helps with mouthfeel.

-- A reviewer via Facebook about Ethos Wayfarer IPA

non-alcoholic beer

Athletic Brewing - Chocolate Cherry Stout

I'm not even sure if this NA beer has been shipped yet, but the hype is real...

non alcoholic beer review

non alcoholic beer review

non alcoholic beer review

I guess we should all be heading over to Athletic Brewing's website to order some 🤷

AL's AL's Classic

Last but (presumably) not least a brand new newcomer to the space. On a virtual NA beer panel hosted on Tuesday Alban, the CEO of AL's said they just launched last week.

Welcome to the NA beer community -- let's go give AL's some love ❤️

Honorable Mentions

NA beer swag

As Michael Scott says: SWAG. Stuff. We. All. Get.

Athletic Brewing Dry January Survival Kit

It looks like Athletic is planning on trying to own #dryjanuary this year. 👀👌

NA beer glass

NA beer dry january

Hairless Dog apparel

After all, isn't a cool brand 90% of the craft NA beer game? 👌

NA beer apparel

Next up: Dry January

What NA beer releases did we miss this December? Let us know!

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