Listener Spotlight: "I love beer! However, the alcohol in many beers stopped loving me back."

Read on for an NA beer review from one of our fave listeners.

NA beer review and story

This review of Athletic Brewing Company's Pilot House Northern Altbier comes from our awesome listener Ryan Burg. Thanks Ryan!

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"I am not a beer snob; I'll try anything once. So far, the NA beers I've been the most drawn to are of the NEIPA variety - The Sam Adams Just The Haze is excellent.

However, my review is going to be of a beer that is out of my usual beer wheelhouse; Athletic Brewing Company's Pilot House Northern Altbier.

Altbiers are a pretty rare beer type where I live. A check of my Untappd tells me that this is the very first one of this variety I've had, and I've tried A LOT of beer. 2,033 unique ones from 2013 on to be specific. So, I was pretty excited to try this!

The first whiff of this beer gives a good hint of malt; a harbinger of what's to come, I hope. The pour shows a medium brown, watered down syrup color, caramel malt is definitely in the grain bill. Head is strong, and lasts for a while in the glass. The malt is confirmed by a fruity and sweet hit; but with a spicy finish which becomes more pronounced after it warms up. Rye!

A quick look at Athletic's site confirms this: A pinch of rye adds a dry and earthy finish (although I wouldn't say I got the earthy finish, that was more in the beginning).

All in all, this was an excellent beer; I hope I can find more like this on my journey.

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