Lagunitas Launches Non-Alcoholic IPNA in US

non-alcoholic lagunitas IPNA

On the heels of their successful Hoppy Refresher launch in 2019, Lagunitas Brewing Company is doubling down and expanding their non-alcoholic footprint.

We know that 2021 is going to be a big year for the non-alcoholic beer industry and this big player entering the space with authority is only confirming the claim.

Watch The IPNA Story by Lagunitas:

Craft NA beer fans around the world are rejoicing as this California Brewery, known for having the #1 selling IPA worldwide, brings their IPA expertise to the non-alcoholic industry.

“For over a year, our brewers have been perfecting IPNA to make sure we got the taste just right,”

- Jeremy Marshall, Head BrewMonster at Lagunitas. He also calls it a "brewer-led labor of love".

The beer is crafted like the rest of the Lagunitas lineup, with high quality ingredients and attention to detail. The ingredients include:

- Water (obviously)

- English Crystal Malt

- Canadian 2-row Barley

- Munich Malt

- Mosaic Hops

- Columbus Hops

- Citra Hops

- <0.5% alcohol

At only 80 calories and 18g of Carbs in a 12oz serving, this is going to make many Dry-January enthusiasts very happy.

IPNA will become available in 6-pack bottles the first week of December 2020 nationwide.

About Lagunitas Brewing Company

When Lagunitas Brewing Company started on a kitchen stove back in 1993, no one could have imagined that a small, Northern California brewery would expand to over 37 countries, with the #1 selling IPA in the world. But what hasn’t changed is our passion for edgy brewing, fresh music, our sense of community, and of course, dogs! While we’re now brewing all over the world, we’ve always stuck to the roots of what makes us great — water, hops, malt, and yeast, combined in mind-blowing ways to provide folks all over the world with the tastiest and freshest beer in the universe. As founders of the craft beer revolution, we’re proud to bring our ruthlessly delicious IPA and other fine ales to folks all over the globe, fueling stories and songs along the way. Wherever you go: Beer Speaks. People Mumble. Mumble along with us at:


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