How Sans Bar Founder and CEO is changing the social drinking scene with a non-alcoholic bar movement

sans bar non alcoholic bar

Texas-based Sans Bar Founder and CEO Chris Marshall sat down with us (in between being a dad, entrepreneur, and professional counselor) to dive deep into the non-alcoholic bar scene.

We talk about the social implications of not drinking and also delve into some crazy cocktails they are serving up in TX. Don't worry, we talk NA beer too.

Thanks to for making this episode happen. Go check out their massive NA selection and use promo code: BWAB for 10% off.

Reasons you'll love this episode:

  1. Maybe you want some tips/tricks on non-alcoholic cocktails (beer cocktails count) 🍻😎

  2. Sans Bar is a pillar of the non alcoholic beverage on-prem industry in the US 👌

  3. We got it all: we talk business. We talk mental health. We talk flavors. 🙏🍻

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