How I fell in love with beer by quitting alcohol for a year.

non alcoholic beer podcast

Taking a year off of drinking during a pandemic is either the easiest or the hardest time to do it. For me, who really only had a drink when we went out or had a party, staying home for weeks at a time actually made the time fly. So much so that at the beginning of this I had no intention of trying to make it a whole 365 days.

What happened was, I was on a trip (remember those?) and had too much to drink. By myself. Not always a red flag, but for me it was. So I decided to take a month off from booze. That was February 2020. So a month off brought us right to the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis and needless to say that month quickly -- and almost by accident -- became 3 months. At that point, I figured I'd just keep the steak alive for a while and see what happens.


Meanwhile, at this time in my life I had never:

- Tried a non-alcoholic beer.

- Written a single word about beer, NA or otherwise.

- Even heard about the booming world that is NA beers.

To be honest, I probably saw an ad and decided to give it a try (good job, marketing department) I decided to make a few orders from a couple different breweries and the rest was history!

What a fun world to just walk into one day... Thousands of people who love beer without booze in it, brands from all over the world creating a multi-million dollar industry, and a little shimmer of hope that sounded like, "hey, I could still have a beer and it not throw off the rest of my day/night". Awesome.


I have never been a beer expert by any means but I do love the social/cultural aspect of high-quality craft beverages. Sipping a glass of wine with a fancy dinner, taking the time to perfect a pour-over of a single-origin coffee, ordering a complex IPA at the brewery... there is just something to it.

However, with drinks that largely impact your physical and mental state, you have to be intentional with when/where/how much/ etc. Example: have a beer at lunch with your coworkers and you probably aren't working out after work. I always found that to be challenging. Like I was planning my life around whether or not there was a happy hour, not the other way around.

Needless to say, I quickly became a big fan of NA beer, the movement to normalize socialize NA drinking, and the brands that have similar missions with their products.

So I decided to start a website as an advocacy resource and hub for what I saw as the next big thing in beer. After just a short time meeting with NA brewers, connecting with the community, and getting my hands on every new NA beer I could, the next thing presented itself.

I'm happy to be starting the Beer Without a Buzz Podcast! The only show that sits down with the leading brewers and business leaders of all of our favorite NA beer brands. Casual, unfiltered conversations with some cool people doing really cool things.

non alcoholic beer podcast

It is going to be a really fun ride! I'd be honored to have you join.

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