How every brewery can (and will) have an NA beer they're proud of

ABV Technology

We're getting a little science-y this week... and to be honest the conversation with Ben, CTO of ABVTechnology was 100% cooler than any class I took in college.

Tune in and I guarantee you'll learn something new, be inspired by the potential of craft NA beer everywhere, and want to visit MN this summer.

Thanks to for making this episode happen. Go check out their massive NA selection and use promo code: BWAB for 10% off.

Reasons you'll love this episode:

  1. You were also a scientist who decided to build a machine to turn craft beer into NA beer in grad school 👨‍🔬

  2. You have ever wondered "how do they make this taste so good?" or "why is white claw so popular?" 🤔

  3. You love small businesses and want to hear how your favorite local brewery just might be able to turn that flagship beer into an NA version 🙏🍻

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