Colorado Brewers Guild Promotes Non-Alcoholic Co-Founder and Brewmaster

ceria non-alcoholic beer

Ceria Brewing is a Colorado-based craft non-alcoholic brewery co-founded by renowned brewmaster Keith Villa, the creator of Blue Moon.

Recently the Colorado Brewers Guild shared a short Q&A with Keith.

Q: Describe your company culture in 3 words.

A: Heritage, Quality, Innovation

Q: Tell us your story of how you got started.

A: CERIA Brewing Company was formed in January 2018 by myself and my wife, Jodi. I earned my PhD in Brewing from the University of Brussels and retired in 2017 from a 32-year career as brewmaster at Miller Coors and creator of Blue Moon beer.

In 2018, CERIA (rhymes with “area”) made history by introducing Colorado’s first non-alcoholic (NA), THC-infused craft beers into the recreationally legal Colorado cannabis industry. Reception of the NA beer was so positive that we soon expanded our product portfolio to offer non-infused, great tasting NA craft beers into the mainstream market.

CERIA, named after Ceres, the Roman Goddess of agriculture and fertility, creates 0.0% ABV beers with full flavor and body that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Q: Are there any awards/recognitions you're particularly proud of?

A: Yes, a few - 2019 Startup of the Year, Food Dive; 2019 American Package Design Award, GD USA; 2019 Induction into the History Colorado Archives as the first THC beer in Colorado!

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