CERIA Becomes National NA Beer Brand Overnight

Good news NA beer drinkers: CERIA Brewing is now available on Amazon 🍻

This is an important moment for CERIA but also for the non-alcoholic beer community at large.

Details from the press release below 👇

CERIA Non-alcoholic Beer

CERIA non alcoholic beer

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CERIA Brewing Company, makers of the non-alcoholic (NA) craft beer developed in 2020 by Blue Moon creator and former brewmaster Keith Villa, Ph.D., today announced that its Grainwave and Indiewave NA beers is now available online through Amazon, and in-store at Wegmans locations in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

Add this to their distribution with Total Wine & More retail locations, and 26 independent distributors, and the Colorado-based brewery is now a national brand overnight.

More access to non-alcoholic beer in the name of health and wellness

Non-Alcoholic (NA) craft beer is experiencing growth in the U.S. as beer drinkers realize it offers the great taste of beer without any downside. “It’s definitely having a moment during a time when health and wellness are on everyone’s mind,” Dr. Villa says.

The health and wellness trend is driving the 13% annual growth rate of the current $728 million U.S. NA beer market, according to Intercontinental Beverage Capital research.

What CERIA NA beers are for sale?

CERIA non-alcoholic beer for sale

CERIA’s craft NA beers are available on Amazon in states where shipment of NA beer is allowed.

The major plus? Free shipping if you have Prime.

Now you can place online orders for Grainwave NA Belgian-style White Ale and Indiewave NA West Coast IPA. 12 or 24 packs.

The NA beer world has been waiting for this

This is an important moment for CERIA but also for the non-alcoholic beer community at large.

Craft beer lovers don't typically turn to Amazon for their shopping, but that's because of the red-tape involved with shipping alcohol, With the NA beer boom coming in 2021, you're going to start seeing more NA brands shipping through these types of channels and becoming available to a lot more people a lot more quickly.

CERIA is one of the first to set the tone for the rest of the industry.

Order your CERIA NA beers here.

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