Building the largest non-alcoholic beverage selection in the world with Josh from Ocean Beach Cafe

Josh James aka @joshthenonalcoholic aka the owner of is a jack of all trades and a go-to NA beverage guru. We had an awesome conversation about what it's like to start a non-alcoholic bottle shop and cafe, the booming beverage industry, and changing drinking culture forever.

Thanks to for making this episode happen. Go check out their massive NA selection and use promo code: BWAB for 10% off.

Reasons you'll love this episode:

  1. Josh is super cool. And you'll be cooler just by listening to him talk 🍻😎

  2. He's got a hot take on "big alcohol" marketing that is straight 🔥

  3. He has really helpful language for how to talk about non-drinking with anyone -- on any part of the drinking spectrum 🙏🍻

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