Bravus Amber Ale – NA Craft Beer Review

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

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" It has a lot of great things going on but narrowly misses the mark."

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Bravus Brewing | Amber Ale

NA beer bravus amber ale

Bravus is the West Coast’s counterpart to Athletic Brewing. The company has a solid, varied selection of near-beer. Their Amber Ale provides an enjoyable if not convincing alternative.

Release - ~2018

Style - Amber Ale

Carbs - 25 grams

Cals - 100

Price - $10

The pour is sublime, with a full, satisfying body that delights the eye. Its color is a rich and copper red. Then things get a little weird. While the taste of the Amber is perfectly pleasant it doesn’t quite match the presentation or the packaging. There’s a dissonance between the maltiness, which one would expect, and a flavor I associate with toasted white bread.

We’re spoiled these days to have a selection of NA beer's that are nearly indistinguishable from their analogs. While I like the Amber Ale it’s not on that list. It has a lot of great things going on but narrowly misses the mark.

NA beer bravus

Look - Lush copper

Aroma - Rich, malty

Taste - Strongly malted , finishes a little metallic with flavors of toasted bread. Not unpleasant but a bit off

Feel - Smooth, beautifully carbonated

Coolness - Ren Faire Chic, so it is cool depending on the company you keep

Try it for yourself -- or something else from Bravus Brewing here.


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