A Beer Lovers Booze-Free Holiday Gift Guide

non-alcoholic gift guide

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December is in full-swing, and that means the panic-shopping has begun. This year more than ever before, people are looking for ways to get their gifts ordered on time for delivery because swinging by the mall on Christmas Eve just isn’t an option.

How is this impacting the beverage industry? According to Jama Network Open, alcohol consumption is up 14% but with varying regulations, closings, and government mandates, access to purchase a nice alcoholic beverage gift is complicated at-best (not to mention the World Health Organization is not exactly pro-drinking when it comes to the pandemic).

In fact, Good Beer Hunting recently made the claim that 2020 was the most difficult year for the beer industry since prohibition.

And while Nielsen says sales of alcohol-free beers have risen 38% during the pandemic, it is still an important time to support your favorite breweries and brands that are making non-alcoholic beer possible for the rest of us.

Athletic Brewing(off link) for example, like many other NA beer brands, are seeing sales increase 400% monthly during the pandemic with no plans of slowing down through Christmas and the upcoming Dry January.

So if you are looking for a last-minute gift for the booze-free beer lover in your life, take a look at this list.

And don’t worry about delivery times… Dry January is coming and there is no bad time to receive the gift of NA beer.

The Ultimate Non-Alcoholic Beer Gift Guide

Athletic Brewing Company - SWAG

If you know NA beer, then you know Athletic. Any NA beer fan would be proud to rep the brand.

non-alcoholic beer gear

Bravus Brewing Company - Bravus Gold-Rimmed Teku Glass

Although the 2020 GRAVITAS II - Non-Alcoholic Barrel-Aged Bourbon Stout is already sold out this year, doesn't mean you can't drink any of their NA beers from this beautiful glassware.

NA beer glass

Hairless Dog Brewery - Limited Edition Holiday Gift Pack

Each Holiday Gift Box contains:

-Three 6-packs (one each NA IPA, Black Ale, and Citra Lager)

-Two Hairless Dog branded beer can koozies

-One Hairless Dog branded knit beanie

-One Hairless Dog branded flagship tee shirt.

non-alcoholic beer holiday pack

NA-Brews - Gift Card

NA-Brews gives you the gift of getting them whatever they want. Also, according to NA-Brews "By supporting this NA Movement, that is happening globally, we can accomplish our goal of normalizing sobriety into something that the world has never seen before!"

non-alcoholic beer gift card

WellBeing Brewing Company - T-shirt and a 4 pack

I'd be excited to open a gift to find some merch from WellBeing under the tree. But a shirt without a beer to go with it? That's just cruel...

NA beer t shirt
non-alcoholic beer

Mikkeller - Gift Card

Mikkeller is one of the only European brewers to ship to the US. But that means it can get pricey. With over 12 LA/NA beer options on their website (plus the coolest branding ever) just give the gift of subsidized shipping.

alcohol-free beer gift card

Gruvi - Peach Pie Ale

I'd love to get my hands on this unique NA beer -- perfect size to stuff in a stocking too.

non-alcoholic beer peach

BREWDOG - Non-alcoholic bundle

Products include:

- Hazy AF (8 x 12oz Can)

- Punk AF (8 x 12oz Can)

- Wake Up Call (4 x 12oz Can)

- Nanny State (4 x 12oz Can

non-alcoholic beer bundle

The list could go on and on but there is only so much room under the tree. Happy gift-giving (and receiving)!

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