2021 Edition: A Beer Lovers Booze-Free Holiday Gift Guide

Non alcoholic Christmas gifts

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Merry Christmas from BWAB! The NA beer world had a great year - lots of growth. Lots of new breweries popping up. Lots of traditional breweries getting in the non-alc game. All welcome gifts to us NA beer nerds.

You may be thinking -- how can I get my friends and family to buy me what I actually want this year? Or maybe, you know the holidays are a perfect time to introduce someone to an NA beverage option.

Whether buying for your bestie, your spouse, or yourself we've got you covered with a shortlist of go-to gifts for any NA beer lover on your list.

Don't go to the Christmas party empty handed this year. 🍻🎄

The Ultimate Non-Alcoholic Beer Gift Guide

Beer Without a Buzz - Stickers + Swag

Biased? Maybe... but some new stickers or a t shirt for your favorite growler, cooler, or laptop are always a welcome (and affordable) gift for any proud NA beer fan.

Athletic Brewing Company - Gear

Just like last year - if you like NA beer, you probably like Athletic. They have a cool brand with great swag. I personally am hoping for hat or a sweatshirt (hint hint mom).

Athletic brewing company

Bravus Brewing Company - Beer 🍻

A wonderful aspect of NA beer is that you can ship it anywhere. Sometimes simple is best -- buy some beer and put a bow on it.

Promo code: BEERWITHOUTABUZZ for 10% off


Two Roots Brewing - Beer 🍻

Two Roots

BetterRhodes - Gift Card / Gift box

Not sure what they like to drink? Grab a gift card to BetterRhodes where they have literally hundreds of options. Including some amazing subscription boxes.

Promo code: BWAB for 10% off


Clausthaler - Santa Clausthaler Beer

You can find this in lots of grocery stores. The most festive beer out there... just so happens it is non-alcoholic.

All The Bitter - NA Bitters

If you have a mixologist in your life looking to up their mocktail game, look no further.

All The Bitter Non alcoholic bitters

BREWDOG - Non-alcoholic bundle

Brewdog always does something awesome around the holidays. This year's 12 NAs of Christmas sold out fast.. but there are still plenty of great gifts to pick up from these fine folks.


The list could go on and on but there is only so much room under the tree. Happy gift-giving (and receiving)!

If you haven't yet, go listen to the Beer Without a Buzz podcast where we talk to the brewers and owners of business just like these and more for a behind the scenes look at the fast growing NA space.

nonalcoholic podcast

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