Frequently asked questions

What exactly is Non Alcoholic beer?

Non-alcoholic beer, like any other food or beverage, is considered to be non alcoholic if there is 0.5% alcohol or less. It is worth noting that in the US the FDA does not consider the terms "non-alcoholic" and "alcohol-free" to be synonymous. The term "alcohol-free" may be used only when the product contains no detectable alcohol. This is different depending on the country, but the good news is there are many beers with 0.0% ABV.

Where can I find craft NA beer near me?

Non alcoholic and low alcohol beers are growing in popularity (especially outside the US) so you can typically find it at your local liquor store or grocery. If you are lucky, you may even have a brewery nearby that accomodates non alcoholic beer drinkers. Don't be afraid to ask! You can even use our free email template to send them a note so they know there is a market for it.

Is non-alcoholic Beer healthier than alcoholic beer?

Not only is non alcholoic beer better for you than beer with alcohol, some studies have shown it is actually just plain good for you in general. Some cited benefits include better sleep, better hydration, and reduction in inflammation. Cheers!

Who can drink NA beer?

Pretty much anyone! While you should definitely consult your doctor first, technically non-alcoholic beer is about the same as drinking a kombucha or even eating a banana.

Where can I connect with more NA beer drinkers?

The pub! And hopefully Beer Without a Buzz can help bring non alcoholic beer fans together. Other places to connect online: NA Beer on reddit, many great breweries and brands on Twitter, and forums on beer review websites.

Can NA beer get you drunk?

Short answer: no. Because you would need to drink such a high volume of a non-alcoholic beverage in such a short amount of time it is virtually not possible to become intoxicated from drinking non alcoholic or alcohol free beer.

Do Non Alcholic beers have different ingredients than beer with alcohol?

Nope! The difference is in removing alcohol or avoiding the beer becoming alcoholic during the brewing process (and brewers have a number of ways to acheive this). According to Athletic Brewing, "We use the same traditional ingredients used in regular beer. Barley, water, hops, and yeast. Most of our recipes use certified organic grains."

What's the deal with the names? alcohol-free, non-alcoholic, low alcohol, NA?

The reason you see a wide variety of names pretty much boils down to location and regulations. Non alcoholic, low-alcohol, alcohol-free, NA, near beer, small beer, small ale, etc. You'll find a few differences here and there between brewing methods, alcohol by volume (ABV), and ingredients but for the common drinker's purposes they are all essentially the same. Fun fact: although it is almost exclusively referred to as non alcoholic beer, in the US the labels actually read “non-alcoholic malt beverage” or “non-alcoholic brew.” - beer and brewing