Where to buy Non-alcoholic beer?

(With discounts and promo codes)

You know one thing that makes NA beer so much cooler than alcoholic beer? You can legally get it shipped right to your front door! There is no excuse to not try that new non-alcoholic double IPA or NA Stout now.

Here are some of our favorite places to find delicious beers without the buzz:

Places like NA Beer Club and Better Rhodes have great subscription options.

You may be surprised to hear that many of our favorite non alcoholic beer brands are available on Amazon.

Direct From The Brewery


You can also order from most breweries directly from their website. Here are a few of our current faves (click the logo to visit their store):

Bravus Promo Code: BEERWITHOUTABUZZ for 10% Off.

Find NA Beer Locally


Finally, more and more local grocery stores, liquor stores, and bars/restaurants are stocking craft NA beers. Some notable chains include:

  • Total Wine

  • Market District

  • Whole Foods

  • Big Red Liquors

  • And more

P.S. check out Athletic Brewing's "beer finder" to see if they serve Athletic near you: Find Athletic Beer

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